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Design Deposit


The Design Deposit will cover all designs and revisions for this project, including a detailed blueprint. Your individualized design is the sole property of The Clearwater Group; not authorized for any other contractors’ use. The deposit is non-refundable and does not bind you to construction by The Clearwater Group. However, $250 of this deposit will be credited towards any project construction completed by The Clearwater Group.


Your $550 deposit includes:

  • Blueprint 
    Detailed layout of the project with measurements

  • Elevation Sheet 
    Elevation views of aspects of the project

  • Site Plan 
    Overview map of the property with project overlay

  • City Permits 
    All proper city permits pulled and payed and approved

  • HOA Approval (if needed) 
    Approval and payment for HOA

  • Survey of Property 
    In-depth survey of the property for the project

  • Construction Credit 
    $250 credited towards project construction

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